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These designs can be fixed or articulating. Fixed designs will attempt to hold a predetermined position while an articulating brace can utilize a static stretch or a fully dynamic, tension-loaded system. 

These can be custom fitted or custom fabricated.

Fracture Management


These designs generally use full-contact, rigid materials in an effort to immobilize the lower limb and provide rigid compression. They often incorporate additional padding to protect the skin, given their predominant, two-piece design.

These can be custom fitted or custom fabricated based on each patient's requirements.



AFO's (Ankle Foot Orthoses) can vary dramatically in the design and materials. Each patient's needs are evaluated thoroughly to insure the best possible benefit. These braces are centered around ambulation and making that process as safe and effective as possible. Materials range from aluminum to plastic to carbon fiber. Each option offers different functionality, ranging from rigid control to passive motion to full lift assist. Ongoing adustments are always available as needs often change over time.

These can be custom fitted or custom fabricated.



These designs range from fixed to fully articulating. Maintaining range of motion is critical, but fixed designs are sometimes the best option. AFO's used for instabilities are usually articulating in an effort to maintain existing range of motion. If the deformity is significant, the AFO will usually be custom fabricated in an attempt to avoid excessive skin pressure.

These can be custom fitted but are usually custom fabricated.



These designs can vary dramatically based on each patient's requirements. The resulting nervous system dysfunction can produce flaccid and/or spastic reactions, as well as contractures, from the associated muscles. Each orthosis is carefully evaluated in an effort to address each issue specifically and collectively. Most designs are oriented toward safe, efficient ambulation, but non weight-bearing designs are also available.

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