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ACL/PLC/Meniscus Injury


These are usually used for post-injury, post-surgical applications. They provide excellent medial/lateral(side to side) control, while allowing full range of motion.

These are either custom fitted or custom fabricated, based on each patient's requirements.

Range of Motion Brace


These are used predominantly post-surgically, allowing incrementally adjustable range of motion. They are also applicable for other ambulatory instabilities but are generally not to be used long-term.

These are almost always custom fitted.



These are used for offloading of the medial(inside) or lateral(outside) knee joint space by applying a directed force to one side of the knee. They are generally associated with pain management and are worn throughout the day, or at least during activities.

These are either custom fitted or custom fabricated based on each patient's requirements. 


Dynamic Splinting


These are used to encourage either flexion or extension. They offer adjustable joints, allowing incremental increases or decreases in tension loads.

These are either custom fitted or custom fabricated based on each patient's requirements.

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